Wednesday, 17 March 2010

My way to start!

What can I say, I'm very excited to start this new experience full of fashion and creativity. In the next posts I'll talk about my personal style but show also what cool people wear in their everyday lives.

I've decided to introduce myself with a set of pics taken during the first minutes of a normal day, without make-up and still wearing my lovely white T-shirt. The location (my bedroom) with my natural image give a sense of pureness and this reflects also my taste in fashion: I love the simplicity of the shapes without any kind of fripperies but, at the same time, the entire image given by the specific combination of each item must be stylish, chic and sometimes sexy ;)

I've talked about the white T-shirt which is for me a must-have and an ever-green; it is for sure casual with a pair of jeans, but if you add a blazer on it becomes suddenly extremely elegant and chic. Otherwise, I usually wear it under a shift giving personality to a classic piece. I'll show you some example in the following posts!

At this point, let's have fun!! :)


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