Friday, 30 April 2010

Steven Meisel for Vogue Italy

("Shrink to fit by Steven Meisel". Modern lolita.Preppy style in the shrink way-Vogue Italy)

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Fashion Films

The fashion film movement has hit many of the well-known brands that then have adopted this new way of doing campaigns. Therefore the necessity to have a stronger three-dimensional impact leaded them to build soon collaborations with video artists as well.

This spring Prada launched not one, but two digital fashion films. The 9-minute First Spring was beautifully shot by Chinese artist Yang Fudong, while the 1-minute S/S 2010 womenswear film shot by Steven Meisel. The latter features the model Rasa Zukauskaite as a "sexy accessory-holic, twirling to a hip-hop soundtrack with bright red lips and ponytails, the film’s visual device is simple, and the focus is squarely on product".

The Love magazine, the first magazine to use fashion films as commercial, featured "an all-star cast of internet favorites like Dree Hemingway and Pixie Geldof playing in traffic while wearing leopard coats, sheer trenches, black garters, or nothing at all, the film was shot on the revolutionary RED Mysterium-X and released on Valentine’s Day for maximum impact".

The photographer and video artist Todd Cole created A Space Odissey film for Rodarte. "The film invites consumers into the enigmatic, textured world of the Rodarte brand, blending art, fashion, mystery and science with visual impact and conceptual daring".

A Korean fashion designer, Jung Kuho, completed his deconstructed and reconstructed A/W 2010 collection, inspired by ecdysis, “shedding our outer skins to re-emerge spiritually as more perfect or purer beings” with Hexa by Kuho by Nick Knight

Monday, 26 April 2010

Summer jewelry

As the hot weather comes, a must have for me are the Stones. They give a touch of color and elegance to a look that tends to be inevitably more essential.
Lulu Frost earrings with vintage resin stones
Halleh ring with turquoise stones
Marni brooches with Swarovski
Yves Saint Laurent ring with coraline stones

Friday, 23 April 2010

Deep Blue

This picture captured my attention for the intensity of the blue colour, one of my favourite!
The make up is amazing. I love the contrast between the deep blue of the eyes and the luminous pink of the face...exactly like a real fantasy creature!

Monday, 19 April 2010

Born in the 80s

A tribute to the 80s: high waist pants, loose shirts, leggings, big big sunglasses, hair bands, glitters, snazzy colors...HERE WE GO!

Black t-shirt, Mango/Light pink sweater, H&M Purple high waist skirt, American Apparel/Pink shoes, vintage

Thursday, 15 April 2010


In these days Milan has become the meeting point of designers and design lovers from all over the world.
This event gives every year an international taste and the city is amazingly fraught of very cool people!

Shirt with lace,H&M/ Shorts, H&M/Black cotton sweater/Bag, vintage/Sandals with studs, Luiza Barcelos

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Not only Striped shirts

Yesterday, I had really a good time spending the whole afternoon with my friends trying on some of the most fashionable items that you can find in Lugano. The location was a very glamorous shop, I think unique for its mix of Art, Design and Fashion.

Flat sandals, Green sandals, Blue suede boots, all Stephen Venezia

My friend's Striped shirt, Oysho / Vintage leather skirt / Black shoes, Malloni

Striped shirt Promod/ Grey shorts, H&M/ silver ankle boots, Stephen Venezia

My friend's Striped sweater, H&M/ my black ankle boots, VicMatié/Blue Blazer, Malene Birger

Gummy bracelets, Materia

Necklace, bARBARA i gONGINI

Histoires de Parfums

Synthetic bags, Selvedge

Sandals, lato/b

Blue sandals, I Blues

Leather waistcoat, Alessandra Marchi

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Skulls and Studs Mood

I'm perfectly conscious that studs as well as skulls have always been the key symbols for followers of the rock/metal style and I admit that I've always been fascinated from that.
Recently, several designers have been able to re-interpret these two details giving them a touch of elegance, and the result is very chic! Below I've selected some recent pieces that I like very very much ;)

(Gold ring with diamonds, dark diamonds and Australian pearl, Delfina Delettrez)

(My friend's handbag, I Blues)

(Ring with diamonds, Ugo Cacciatori)
(Skulls with diamonds and pearls, Alexander McQueen)
(Necklace, Tarina Tarantino)

(Silver nacklace, Ugo Cacciatori)
(Ring, Manuel Bozzi)
(Bijoux, Alexander McQueen)

(Bracelet, Manuel Bozzi)

(Pink-Gold necklace, Ugo Cacciatori)

(Silver, Gold and Stones bracelet, Delfina Delettrez)

(Clutches, Alexander McQueen)

(Skulls jewellery, Christian Dior H.C.)

(Gold earring, Ugo Cacciatori)

(Gold earrings with diamodns and pearls, Delfina Delettrez)

(Necklace, Delfina Delettrez)
(Necklaces, Alexander McQueen)

(Silver Necklace, Ugo Cacciatori)
(Multi Skull Ring, Richmond)
(Rings with three skulls, Alexander McQueen)

(Gold Earrings with bones, Delfina Delettrez)

(Necklace, Marc Jacobs)

(Maxi-bag with studs, Zadig&Voltaire)
(Silver Ring, Manuel Bozzi)

(Bracelet with diamonds, Tarina Tarantino)

(All Ugo Cacciatori)