Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Skulls and Studs Mood

I'm perfectly conscious that studs as well as skulls have always been the key symbols for followers of the rock/metal style and I admit that I've always been fascinated from that.
Recently, several designers have been able to re-interpret these two details giving them a touch of elegance, and the result is very chic! Below I've selected some recent pieces that I like very very much ;)

(Gold ring with diamonds, dark diamonds and Australian pearl, Delfina Delettrez)

(My friend's handbag, I Blues)

(Ring with diamonds, Ugo Cacciatori)
(Skulls with diamonds and pearls, Alexander McQueen)
(Necklace, Tarina Tarantino)

(Silver nacklace, Ugo Cacciatori)
(Ring, Manuel Bozzi)
(Bijoux, Alexander McQueen)

(Bracelet, Manuel Bozzi)

(Pink-Gold necklace, Ugo Cacciatori)

(Silver, Gold and Stones bracelet, Delfina Delettrez)

(Clutches, Alexander McQueen)

(Skulls jewellery, Christian Dior H.C.)

(Gold earring, Ugo Cacciatori)

(Gold earrings with diamodns and pearls, Delfina Delettrez)

(Necklace, Delfina Delettrez)
(Necklaces, Alexander McQueen)

(Silver Necklace, Ugo Cacciatori)
(Multi Skull Ring, Richmond)
(Rings with three skulls, Alexander McQueen)

(Gold Earrings with bones, Delfina Delettrez)

(Necklace, Marc Jacobs)

(Maxi-bag with studs, Zadig&Voltaire)
(Silver Ring, Manuel Bozzi)

(Bracelet with diamonds, Tarina Tarantino)

(All Ugo Cacciatori)

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